Mexico City International Airport


The easiest and cheapest way to enjoy and live downtown at Hostal Histórico from the Mexico City International Airport is the Metrobus, because for only U$2 you can access this agile an above all SAFE transport, in just 25 minutes you can reach the hostel from any of the terminals at the airport to "República de Chile" station where you only have to walk a bit to reach the station.

South Bus Station


The South Bus Station is famous because of its large influx of tourist looking to explore the most remote corners of México. Located at Tasqueña Subway Station in line 2, ins just 20 minutes traveling safe by train you can reach Zócalo Subway Station, and just across the Metropolitan Cathedral reach Hostal Histórico.

Mexico TAPO Bus Station


Located at San Lázaro Subway Station, just 15 minutes from Zócalo, this bus station is the most frequented by tourist wanting to take a trip to the Mexican East, called magic towns. One example is Puebla and Cholula with over 300 churches dating from the colonial era. To reach Hostal Histórico in this way, from San Lázaro station, taje the train to Pino Suarez station. From there take a short transfer to line 2, and the next station is Zócalo. Just across the Metropolitan Cathedral, reach Hostal Histórico.

Poniente Bus Station


It is located at Observatorio Subway Station, visited by tourist who want to know the western part of our country, where the most beautiful colonial cities are located. Less than a 20 minutes train ride on subway and make a small transfer to line 2 and just one more station to Zócalo. Just across the Metropolitan Cathedral, reach Hostal Histórico.